Decarbonising transport

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02 March 2023

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Did you know the transport sector is currently the largest contributor to UK domestic Greenhouse Gas emissions?

It's well understood and acknowledged that there is a growing climate emergency and because of this, we must decarbonise the transport sector. But what steps do we need to take to change how we travel?

Our report Decarbonising Transport, in partnership with London Transport Museum, Thales, and Mott Macdonald, explores how and why the transport sector needs our attention, and provides 10 key recommendations for how transport, business, industry and public sector leaders can drive the way to a net-zero carbon transport sector.

The research in this report is based on workshops with industry, business, local/regional government leaders that sought out insights into how to decarbonise transport.

We explore transport decarbonisation under three main topics;

  1. Re-think: changing the way we think about travel, reducing the demands for travel and how we can enable people to travel less.
  2. Re-mode: Changing the modes of travel, particularly moving towards more sustainable transport and travel by transforming existing infrastructure.
  3. Re-power: Switching how we power our transport by using cleaner, more sustainable sources, including hydrogen, electrification, and hybrid solutions.

Decarbonising transport will have a much wider positive impact into how we live; reducing air and noise pollution, creating jobs and economic growth, improving health and wellbeing, and transforming the environment, nature, and quality of life.

The report forms part of London Transport Museum's Interchange programme, which explores critically important themes relevant to today's society, in the context of transport.

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