Tides of Disruption: How to navigate business transformation

3 minute read
08 April 2019

Business transformation, innovation, digitalisation, and modern transformation are all aspects of the same problem confronting leaders of businesses of all sizes and sectors around the world. Business leaders must understand what digital transformation is, the disruptive technology that is driving it, how it impacts their businesses, and what challenges and opportunities they may find along the way.

In our white paper 'Tides of Disruption: How to navigate business transformation' we take an in depth look at what exactly drives digitalisation, aiming to understand how and when disruptive forces such as autonomy and blockchain will become critical to business operations. Our research, with contributions from the London School of Economics, looks at how digital disruption will redefine the market and identifies emerging business models and new industries that are likely to emerge as a result of technology and digital disruption.

Download our white paper and find out:

  • The forces driving digitalisation;
  • How digital disruption will impact the coming decade;
  • Next generation business models and industries;
  • Which jurisdictions are ahead, just keeping up or behind when it comes to digitalisation; and
  • The technologies that will make a mark on the world post-2030.

Download 'Tides of Disruption'

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