Design protection - avoid at your peril

15 September 2016

Entitled 'Protect and exploit design in the age of disruption', the Q&A panel will be made up of experts from Design Council, tangerine, Gowling WLG, Autotrader and Mayku.

Drawing on their own experiences, the session will offer essential guidance for any upcoming (or established) designer on where to start with design protection and why it's so crucial.

Matt Round, chief creative officer at tangerine - who will be speaking at the event - said: "One of the most exciting parts of design, whatever stage you're at, is having the vision to take ideas right through to the creation of products and services that deliver seminal change in the market.  No business wants that vision to be stalled, or halted altogether, by protection issues.”

Offering practical, take-away advice, the panel will bring together a range of design specialists, from a start-up through to experienced digital and product designers.

Alex Smilansky, Mayku co-founder and Design Council Spark finalist, will be discussing his experience in protecting his design - a desktop-powered 'FormBox'.

Design Council Spark's product development manager, Marion Gillet - also speaking at the event - said: "IP, similarly to branding, is an investment. You can risk doing it yourself, not doing it at all or spending large amounts on the best expertise. It is about having access to knowledge to make the best decision and a clear vision of where you want to get to.”

Nikki Barton, head of design and UX at Autotrader, will also be sharing her experience of design protection in the digital world at the event, which will be hosted by international law firm, Gowling WLG, at their office at 4 More London Riverside. This will be the fourth time Gowling WLG have hosted and taken part in the event.

Matt Hervey, Director in the Intellectual Property (IP) team at Gowling WLG - who will be chairing the event - said: "I have seen multiple designers who have failed to recognise the importance of protection in time. If simple steps are taken soon enough, the issue of intellectual property doesn't have to be just that, an issue."

Last year, Richard Joseph, co-founder of Joseph Joseph, and Rob Law, founder of Trunki, spoke at the event. - Gowling WLG created a series of podcasts discussing 'making the most of designs' with the speakers.

'Protect and exploit design in the age of disruption' will take place on Thursday, 22 September, 16:00 - 18:00 at 4 More London Riverside, followed by an opportunity to meet fellow designers over drinks overlooking the Thames. For more information, visit the London Design Festival website.  

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