New international private antitrust litigation guide launches in London

12 October 2016

Gowling WLG has edited, and contributed to, the Private Antitrust Litigation Global Guide, published by Thomson Reuters, and now available on Practical Law.

The Private Antitrust Litigation Global Guide, edited by Bernardine Adkins and Samuel Beighton of international law firm, Gowling WLG, serves as a single point of reference for businesses and practitioners when considering the merits of commencing, defending or settling private antitrust litigation.

The publication includes an overview of the current legal frameworks applicable in more than 20 jurisdictions, with each chapter written by a leading law firm. For each jurisdiction, the Private Antitrust Litigation Global Guide provides an overview of a range of legal and practical issues including: limitation periods and forum; standard of proof and liability; available defences; available remedies; costs and timing; and procedure. It also considers the commercial benefits and risks associated with specific litigation approaches and strategies.

Bernardine Adkins, partner and head of EU, trade and competition, Gowling WLG, said: "Having advised clients on a broad range of actions before the courts in recent years, it is unquestionable that private antitrust litigation is currently one of the faster evolving areas of law. The aim of the Private Antitrust Litigation Global Guide is to ensure that this area is clear and accessible".

Samuel Beighton, director in the EU, trade and competition team at Gowling WLG, said: "It has been fantastic to work alongside some of the leading independent law firms and economists in preparing a publication with a truly international focus".

The online version of the Private Antitrust Litigation Global Guide includes a country Q&A tool, which enables the reader to compare answers to specific questions across several jurisdictions. The printed version of the guide will be available later in October 2016.

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