Global team authors Joint Ventures 2024 guide

14 November 2023

A global team from Gowling WLG has authored the UK, Germany and Canada insight for Lexology's new Joint Ventures Getting The Deal Through (GTDT) 2024 guide.

The guide enables a side-by-side comparison on jurisdictional insights including up-to-date information on:

  • Joint-venture types
  • Rules relating to foreign joint venture parties
  • Ownership disclosure requirements
  • Setting up and operating a joint venture
  • Common governance, tax, competition, employment and intellectual property issues
  • Funding
  • Deadlock, exit and termination provisions and considerations
  • Dispute resolution
  • Jurisdictional advantages, requirements and restrictions; and
  • Recent trends

Our contributions were led by Gareth Baker and Bernardine Adkins (UK), Andreas Woelfle, Florian Holfeld (Germany), and Chris Eustace, Ian Macdonald, Paul Carenza, Brianne Quesnel and Michelle Kumar (Canada).

The Joint Ventures 2024 guide can be found on Lexology's website.