Darren Blimkie Associate

Speaks:  English

Year of Call: 2015 - Ontario

Primary phone: +1 613-783-8813

Fax: +1 613-788-3449

Email: darren.blimkie@gowlingwlg.com

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Primary office:  Ottawa

Areas of expertise:

Darren Blimkie

Darren Blimkie is an associate in the Ottawa office of Gowling WLG.

Darren graduated from the University of Ottawa in biopharmaceutical science. He subsequently worked as a laboratory manager and research scientist at the University of British Columbia, where he conducted independent research on vaccine design and developed methodological assays for immunological and vaccine research.

During his second summer at Gowling WLG in 2014, Darren was honoured to be invited to co-author an intellectual property textbook chapter entitled “Pharmaceutical Regulation and Approval in Foreign Countries — Canadian Drug Approval Considerations,” published by the American Bar Association.

Darren also completed his articles at Gowling WLG, where he gained litigation experience in both the intellectual property and advocacy departments.

Darren volunteered with a number of fundraising activities while at law school, including Queen’s Law Cabaret for a Cure and Jail and Bail events in support of cancer research. Darren also organized the annual golf and softball tournaments for the Faculty of Law, and the Queen’s Law Invitational Hockey Tournament. He was the Queen's Law male athletic representative for the class of 2014 and captain of the Queen’s Law Hockey team.

Career & Recognition

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  • 2015

    • Qualifications (Year of Call/Admission, etc.)
      Year of Call, Ontario
  • 2014

    • Education
      Queen's University, JD program
  • 2005

    • Education
      University of Ottawa, B.Sc. (Hons.), magna cum laude, Biopharmaceutical Science
    • Rankings & Awards
      Bereskin & Parr LLP prize in Patent Law
    • Rankings & Awards
      Piasetzki Nenninger Kvas LLP scholarship in IP Law
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