Katie Molloy

Katie Molloy helps clients to effectively and efficiently recover assets or funds by resolving banking, financial or insolvency disputes quickly and commercially.

Katie works with financial institutions, including the major clearing banks, automotive and asset financiers, with all their litigation requirements. Katie also works with corporates, creditors and office holders, including the Big Four accounting firms and other leading insolvency practitioners.

Banking and insolvency cases often involve complicated and continually evolving legal and commercial issues. Katie uses an in-depth understanding of the recovery arena to secure a positive return for her clients as they pursue banking and insolvency cases, often through litigation.

She has provided strategic advice in, for example, pursuing guarantors of loans, taking possession proceedings, enforcing guarantees, return of goods, and pursuing charge card debt from high and ultra-high net worth individuals. Additionally, she has dealt extensively with administrations and litigation proceedings that may arise from them.

Katie also undertakes general commercial litigation for a number of high-profile clients and has considerable experience acting for both claimant and defendant.

The world Katie works in is high-pressured and very challenging; it takes a driven personality to achieve the right results! With litigation there is always a deadline, either from the court or other stakeholders. You are also constantly facing the unknown. New forces could come into play at any point. An unexpected injunction is one good example, but we've faced everything - up to and including the bailiffs turning up on a client's doorstep.

Being crisis-ready and having strategies in place to deal with matters effectively is extremely important. Things are always changing and for Katie, this means lots of variety; she could be in Berlin one week for a conference and in London for a week-long trial the next. Clients appreciate our adaptability, as keeping one step ahead can make a huge difference to the eventual return.


Financial institutions, finance companies and insolvency practitioners.


  • Working on behalf of Arena Coventry against Coventry City Football Club. It was a long case and had lots of ups and downs. We were initially instructed to sue CCFC for monies owed in rent. This was successful (and involved Katie reading our client's statement to the TV networks outside the court!) and we were then tasked to enforce the judgement, which ultimately forced CCFC into administration. After dealing with multiple complex issues in the interim, we were able to renegotiate the licence so that the club could return to the stadium. The work put in, and the high profile result, means it continues to stand out!
  • Working with a worldwide credit card company pursuing a high net worth individual based in Saudi Arabia to recover approx. £800,000 in credit card debt. It's a high level case with an almost implausible number of complicating factors, Katie found it a satisfying process working to unpick the circumstances and try and achieve the best result for our client.
  • Spending six months on secondment in the Corporate and Investment Banking Litigation and Investigation Services team of a major high street bank.

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