The global tech sector continues to evolve rapidly, transforming business and behaviour while revealing new opportunities and challenges. In this fast-paced world, you need a law firm that's as forward-thinking and dynamic as you.

Gowling WLG's Tech team has the insight, experience and entrepreneurial spirit to help you grow your business and protect what makes you unique, whether you're a start-up, an established tech company or a publicly listed entity. Our 300-strong global tech team is ready to help you capitalise on new opportunities and overcome all obstacles, from navigating the latest advances in blockchain to developing new AI or mitigating cyber risks.

We help some of the biggest tech innovators to develop agile business strategies, enforce and monetise intellectual property (IP), and invest, acquire and divest of corporate interests. With industry-leading knowledge, we help clients take full advantage of the emerging technologies that are changing the way the financial, energy, retail, manufacturing, insurance, mining, automotive and health industries operate around the world.

We can work with you to achieve your commercial objectives in a constantly changing, innovative and increasingly competitive landscape.

A global service

With diverse backgrounds in science and engineering, as well as hands-on technology experience, we understand your market and the needs of companies that create and use technology.

Our extensive tech experience can help you make the most of developments by maximising growth and protecting and monetising your assets. We provide clients with a truly joined up, cross-border service by combining knowledge and resources from across our international offices with leading local lawyers in other jurisdictions.


We can help you acquire, develop, finance and commercialise innovative technologies. Our team provides tailored, practical legal advice across all practice areas and service lines.

Intellectual Property

Every step on the path to market presents different challenges. We work with you to overcome those challenges by protecting and enforcing your Intellectual Property (IP) assets and helping you maximise their value.

With unmatched expertise in patents, trademarks, brands and designs, copyright, advertising, IP litigation and more, we've been winning IP cases for clients around the world for over 125 years, and offer you exceptional representation in a dynamic and competitive market.

Emerging Technologies

Heavily involved in the fast-paced world of transformative technology such as blockchain, AI, IoT and smart contracts, our team dominates in this cutting-edge field. Globally our clients include leading digital wallets, crypto-currency exchanges, investment funds seeking to invest in crypto-currencies or crypto-assets, and key blockchain pioneers.


Our telecoms team supports the entire ecosystem of the telecoms markets. We have specialist experience in inter carrier arrangements, strategic alliances with suppliers, commercial and strategic support, acquisitions, complex outsourcing, real estate projects, mobile infrastructure and transmission projects, and major multi-jurisdictional telecom contracting, commercial and IP support, including patent litigation.

Cyber security and data privacy

With the ability to provide a global perspective, our cyber security and data privacy team provides specialist, rapid-response legal support to mitigate the risks both before and after a cyber-attack. The team can help you engage with authorities, deal with regulators, manage the adverse business impact and trace the perpetrator.

Cloud/data centres

Our dedicated cross-sector cloud and data centres team has been writing the law alongside data centre owners, developers and operators since the industry's inception. We can help owners and operators of data centres, their funders and the enterprises which use them to navigate the issues.

Digital transformation

Digital transformation and the disruption it can bring presents a challenge to business leaders running companies of all sizes and from all sectors across the world. Opportunities need to be considered and risks mitigated. In our report 'Tides of Disruption: How to navigate business transformation', we explore the forces driving digitalisation and how they will impact businesses globally. Download the report to discover the emerging business models of the future and how to manage the change that technology will bring to every business.

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