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The world seems to change every day and when it comes to protecting your brands and innovations you want to be sure you have all the relevant information to hand to maximise your assets to their full potential. Our multijurisdictional Intellectual Property (IP) team regularly explores the trending topics that are front and centre for many in-house counsel and business leaders. Take a look at some of our latest insights and resources to get up to speed with what's happening in IP right now.

Join us at the Managing IP Intellectual Property and Innovation Summit, Europe 2022

We are proud to sponsor this year's Managing IP Intellectual Property and Innovation Summit, Europe 2022. Huw Evans, Jamie Rowlands, Inga Pietsch and Matt Hervey are chairing and participating on several panels, giving insight into the most pressing legal issues and those we are likely to see in the future.  Covering topics such as artificial intelligence, life sciences litigation,patent litigation in China, our team will be on hand to answer the questions at the top of your agenda.

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Join us at IPBC Global 2022 in Chicago

We are sponsoring IPBC Global in Chicago this year. IP partner and co-chair of our global Tech sector group Alexandra Brodie will be speaking on the 'the patent pool reboot' panel on 14 June.

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) brings many issues for IP, including patentable subject matter, the protection or control of data and detecting and proving infringement. With in-depth knowledge of the emerging proposals to reform IP laws for AI, as well as the protection of AI and data, our insights and resources will help you navigate the world of AI and IP.

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The Unified Patent Court (UPC)

The arrival of the Unitary Patent and the Unified Patent Court is the biggest change in European Patent law and practice for nearly 50 years. Everyone who deals with patents in the European market, whether by way of enforcement, licensing or assessing the risk of potential infringements, needs to understand how the UPC system will work and to prepare for its arrival now. We have a comprehensive range of resources available to help you navigate the UPC including our interactive map and UPC Resource Hub.

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Trade Secrets

Trade secrets can be tempting for their apparent efficiency and simplicity, but the protection they offer can bring additional risks. Trade secret protection requires a full-lifecycle strategy in order to be successful, take a look at our latest trade secrets resources for insights that can support you at every stage.

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IP and China

The new China Patent Law (CPL) came into force a year ago. What were the significant changes and what can we learn from the cases handled by the courts since then? It's essential to have a China IP (litigation) strategy to know how to protect IP in China and enforce rights, as well as to know how to collaborate with local authorities and law enforcement. Make the most out of potential opportunities and avoid risks during IP disputes in China with our latest insights and resources. 

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The Metaverse

With the potential of the Metaverse yet to be fully realised, there is a lot for brand owners to consider as businesses begin to explore what is possible both now and in the future. Make sure you're one step ahead with our Metaverse insights and resources. 

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Standard essential patents (SEPs) and FRAND - A number of cases have recently been brought across the globe. What can we learn from the most prominent cases and recent court decisions? Is the time of legal uncertainty over? Our team will help you cope with the current landscape and prepare for what's next.

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