ThinkHouse for Senior In-House Counsel - Redefine your expertise

ThinkHouse is tailored exclusively to the needs of in-house counsel, and offers you a forum to meet with those in similar roles and exchange ideas. The in-house role has evolved in the world's ever-changing landscape from assurance of regulatory compliance to a complex and multi-faceted responsibility managing risk and shaping your organisation's strategy. ThinkHouse aims to arm you with the necessary knowledge to deal with the challenges you face every day and prepare you for the future.

Events for senior in-house lawyers

Focused on the topics that matter to you, we provide our members with regular events, webinars and content that offer a clear point of view, a broad perspective and practical advice to the in-house lawyer. Mixing the technical with practical business application and keeping you in the loop with what's happening across industries, ThinkHouse for Senior In-House Counsel will make sure you don't fall behind. From contract law updates to topics such as blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, our sessions discuss what your priorities should be and action points to consider.

Practical in-house legal experience and knowledge

Gowling WLG has experience of advising companies of all sectors and sizes - including many FTSE 100 and 250 businesses, Fortune 500 corporations, financial institutions and public bodies. We have a wealth of knowledge and insight to share. Many of our lawyers have held in-house roles in the past or worked on client secondments and understand the demands and challenges that in-house legal teams face.

The ThinkHouse programme offers the opportunity to access like-minded people, training, resources and events specifically tailored to the needs of the in-house lawyer. As well as the programme for senior in-house counsel, we also offer tailored pathways for junior in-house lawyers and General Counsel. Join ThinkHouse today to receive resources and invitations to exclusive events. 

What topics would you like to be discussed at future ThinkHouse Foundations events?