Inventor or creator: How is AI's rapid development influencing the evolution of IP protection?

23 septembre 2020

How is the rapid development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) influencing the evolution of IP protection, and is it the technology itself, or the philosophical issues of authorship at the heart of change in the sector?

In the latest Podcast from our series, 'In Conversation with Gowling WLG', partner Gordon Harris chats with Ulrike Till, Director of the Division of Artificial Intelligence Policy at the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO).

The woman leading the research on AI policy developments globally, Ulrike is driving WIPOs mission to lead the development of a balanced and effective IP system that enables innovation and creativity for the benefit of all. Delving into the inner-workings of AI, IP and WIPO, we explore:

  • the future of intellectual property and the evolution of IP in the wake of rapid technological development;
  • the philosophical issues regarding authorship and protection;
  • Ulrike's role at WIPO and what it is like to lead the research and development for WIPO's AI policy division to promote innovation in IP;
  • how Ulrike entered the IP world and rose from private practice litigator to Division director at the world's foremost IP body;
  • getting WIPOs newest division off the ground, and the challenges and opportunities in establishing and driving this new team amid the backdrop of COVID-19;
  • AI in IP – inventor or creator, or more…;
  • Eurovision goes AI? Technology, algorithms and autonomous song contests;
  • Regulation, transparency and policy-setting when innovating; and much more

Inventor or creator: How is AI's rapid development influencing the evolution of IP protection?

Our 'In Conversation' series probes the world of intellectual property, speaking with leading figures in industry. Throughout the series, we build a picture of how the IP world works, gathering insight into the latest trends and developments.

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