Sustainable cities: creating a smart future

45 minutes de lecture
09 mars 2021


Cities are currently one of the biggest contributors to our economic health but also one of the biggest detractors from our environmental health. With cities consuming over 65% of the world's energy, sustainable cities is at the forefront of the agenda as the need to counteract the impending climate emergency is critical.

Our white paper, 'Rethinking sustainable cities: this is all in the air', in partnership with London Transport Museum, Jacobs, PTV Group, and Thales, draws on roundtable discussions with transport, legal and finance industry leaders, policymakers and academics.

Rethinking sustainable cities answers all the important questions of how to create sustainable cities and the practical benefits of doing so. The white paper examines how sustainable cities can help to meet carbon reduction goals and improve the quality of life for those living in urban areas. And ultimately how we, governments, city planners, policymakers and businesses, can create a resilient habitat for existing populations without compromising that of future generations.

The white paper includes a survey by PTV Group focusing on 'rethinking sustainable cities' with 528 responses, to show people's attitudes to mobility and how this may change once the pandemic is over.

Our white paper will equip you with a wide range of knowledge covering the following topics:

  • The obstacles on our path to sustainability
  • The opportunities and challenges facing technology, infrastructure and the built environment
  • The blueprint for sustainable cities
  • Achieving net zero

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Rethinking Sustainable Cities

Read our latest report, produced as part of Gowling WLG's association with Interchange, London Transport Museum's thought leadership programme.

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