More information needed: Giovanna Spataro and Melissa Tehrani comment on Bill 96’s draft regulations in the Montreal Gazette

15 janvier 2024

Following the Jan. 10 release of draft regulations meant to complement Québec’s new language laws (i.e., Bill 96), Melissa Tehrani and Giovanna Spataro spoke with the Montreal Gazette about what the proposed rules mean for businesses – and highlighted the areas that demanded additional clarification from the province.

One such area requiring further explanation is how the proposed regulations will impact the existing rules for indoor signs:

“In simplifying things, they have not provided guidance on the previous [rules] where English and French are on separate signs,” said Melissa. “There is just one rule stating the French has to be twice as large.”

Despite these lingering unknowns, Giovanna told the Gazette she “welcomed news that the government will accept ‘pending’ applications for non-French trademarks [as being compliant with Bill 96 requirements], which gives business more time to adjust.”

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