Christopher Stiles Associé(e)

Parle :  Anglais

Bureau principal :  Birmingham

Christopher Stiles

Christopher Stiles is a partner based in Birmingham and London who specialises in advice to pension trustees and employers to help them deal with their legal issues with maximum ease and efficiency.

He has specialist expertise in risk transfer projects such as insurance buy-ins and longevity swaps, and takes a particular interest in innovative and complex projects such as the development of superfunds and capital-backed solutions for pension schemes. He is recognised for his ability to express complex situations in plain English, and to bring parties together in order to find the best mutually acceptable solution.

Christopher has close ongoing relationships with his trustee clients and helps them with both the day-to-day issues that arise and also the larger projects including scheme mergers and wind-ups.


  • Assisting a trustee client in a complex dispute over pension increases;
  • negotiating major buy-in contracts with insurance providers;
  • advising the trustees of schemes in wind-up to secure benefits with an insurer, terminate the schemes and achieve peace of mind from knowing that all liabilities were correctly secured;
  • advising the trustees of insolvent pension schemes to maximise member benefits outside the Pension Protection Fund;
  • advising various clients on asset-backed funding structures using a range of assets and innovative structures to improve the employer's cash flow while simultaneously improving the security of scheme benefits;
  • helping the trustees of a £1 billion scheme implement a comprehensive funding package with their sponsoring employer;
  • helping trustees to resolve disputes with scheme members including Pensions Ombudsman cases;
  • helping a company to obtain a significant financial saving from the merger of its legacy pension schemes;
  • advising the trustees of a £1 billion scheme in relation to implementation of a liability-driven investment strategy.