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John A. Sorensen

John Sorensen is the Canadian co-leader of Gowling WLG’s Tax Dispute Resolution team, an integral part of the firm's Tax Group. He is also a member of the firm’s conflicts committee and the past leader of the firm’s national Tax Group. He has been ranked by the Best Lawyers in Canada, International Tax Review and the Canadian Legal Lexpert Directory.

A partner based in Gowling WLG's Toronto office, John provides prudent advice and expeditious, cost-effective solutions to tax problems. He has extensive experience resolving income tax and GST/HST disputes at the audit and appeal stages, as well as before the Courts. His practice also includes voluntary disclosure, taxpayer relief and remission order applications.

John is past chair of the Ontario Bar Association Tax Section Executive. He has spoken and written on tax dispute resolution topics for the Tax Executives Institute, Canadian Tax Foundation's national and regional conferences, the Ontario Bar Association, the Canadian Association of Business Economics and the C.D. Howe Institute. John has lectured in the Osgoode Hall Law School JD and LL.M. (Tax) programs and also serves on the editorial boards of Thomson Reuters' Tax Litigation. John is also co-editor and contributing author to Taxation of Private Corporations and Their Shareholders, 5th ed. (forthcoming).

Carrière et Distinctions

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  • 2016

  • 2015

    • Classements et prix
      septembre 2015
      Best Lawyers in Canada 2016
    • Communauté
      juillet 2015
      Ontario Bar Association Tax Section Chair
  • 2014

    • Communauté
      juillet 2014
      Ontario Bar Association Tax Section Vice-Chair
  • 2012

    • Communauté
      juillet 2012
      Ontario Bar Association Tax Section Program Co-ordinator
  • 2011

    • Formation
      Osgoode Hall Law School, LLM (Tax)
  • 2007

    • Communauté
      octobre 2007
      Canadian Tax Foundation - Toronto YP Chair
  • 2005

    • Carrière
      octobre 2005
      Tax Court of Canada
    • Formation
      Osgoode Hall Law School, JD
  • 1996

    • Formation
      McGill University, M.Mus.
  • 1993

    • Formation
      St. Francis Xavier University, B.Mus.

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  • Canadian Tax Foundation
  • International Fiscal Association
  • The Advocates' Society
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Mandats représentatifs

John's recent client work has included:

  • Resolving numerous Tax Court of Canada appeals on favourable bases without requiring full hearings before the Court, including income tax matters concerning earn-outs, shareholder benefits, scientific research and experimental development tax credits, partnership allocations, real property valuations, non-compete payments, civil penalties and the thin capitalization rules, as well as GST/HST matters
  • Obtaining numerous rectification orders to correct mistaken transactions, from large-scale corporate restructurings to estate freezes, including in the context of representing counsel from other firms who allegedly provided mistaken advice
  • Completing voluntary disclosures for numerous multinationals, Canadian corporations, charities and individuals with previously undisclosed income and assets and unfiled tax and information returns, thus avoiding the imposition of significant civil penalties and avoiding potential prosecution for tax evasion
  • Assisting numerous disadvantaged individuals on a pro bono basis, saving them from bankruptcy arising from mistaken CRA assessments

He has served as counsel in various reported decisions, including: