Seiko Hidaka

Seiko Hidaka is a Director within the IP team in London. She has extensive experience as a skilled IP litigator advising leading global businesses in relation to the most litigated and rapidly advancing areas of technology and life sciences, such as data, wireless technology and other standard essential patents, green tech, new therapeutic advances, e-cigarettes, algorithmic inventions and digital payment solutions. She has also played key roles in breach of confidence cases which have become prevalent in the recent years, from financial algorithms to military secrets.

Seiko has a distinctly international approach to crafting strategies and cost-effective solutions to clients having regard to commercial practices, logistics, trends and jurisdictional differences from her experience handling a number of disputes involving multiple parallel proceedings across the globe.

She has an interest in policy issues and have actively worked with one of the most highly respected industry association in the UK to shape the future of IP policies in the UK and around the world. She has also appeared as a panelist providing views for the Japanese industry at a forum hosted by the Japanese government.


  • Litigating before the UK High Court for a military business concerning the unlicensed and unauthorised use of military equipment.
  • Defending a claim for patent infringement concerning a cloud-based digital payment solution before the UK High Court.
  • A very high profile dispute involving a leading standard essential patent holder and a major implementer concerning the validity and essentiality of numerous telecoms patents and FRAND licence issues, before the UK High Court and co-ordinating with the legal teams conducting parallel litigation.
  • Advising a global network operator in its defence of the use of, and validity of potentially Standard Essential Patents and FRAND term negotiations.
  • Advising on managing risks in relation to data aggregation business from EU data law perspective.
  • Supervising and steering a Japanese patent dispute concerning a multi-billion dollar blockbuster drug as part of a global patent dispute.
  • Advising a bank on negotiation and mitigation of business continuity risk resulting from a dispute over IP ownership and rights of an encryption platform with a bespoke tech developer and supplier.

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