We take our responsibility to our people, our environment and our communities seriously. Trust and transparency are embedded in everything we do and impact every business decision we make.

For us, corporate responsibility (CR) is all about making connections and making a difference. Not just to benefit the not-for-profits, individuals and suppliers we work with; but for the wellbeing and personal and professional development of our people and to strengthen relationships with our communities, clients and suppliers.

There are three elements to our corporate responsibility agenda: community investment (pro bono, volunteering and charitable giving), diversity and inclusion, the environment. And wrapping around all of these things, collaborative working - engaging with others to increase the impact we can have.

While the law is what we 'do', there's much more to us than that. As people, and as a firm, we believe we have a responsibility to help those around us, to make a positive difference in the local and wider community, to support our people and enable them to flourish and to minimise our environmental impact as much as possible. This isn't just good business-sense, it's good people-sense too.

Our firm is a participant in the UN Global Compact and our most recent Communication on Progress provides an update for 2021/22. In 2021 we published our first public report 'Our approach to responsible business' to be updated during 2023.