Legal boost for start-ups: Boost up - Market, competition & employees

07 August 2020

What are the most important legal principles you should be aware of when doing or setting up business in Germany? All will be explained - short and simple - from foundation to protection of intellectual property, important (company) contracts, financing and data protection and beyond in our webinar series "Legal Boost for Start-ups".

The third webinar BOOST UP - Market, competition & employees focused comparative advertising, unfair competition, restrictions on competition and tips on employment law.

In the third webinar our Munich partner Thomas Mayer and Munich associate Lars Schönwald explained, that even an advertisement with seeimingly harmless advertising text can become a major stumbling block. It is not without reason that it finally says "Probably the longest praline in the world". But the line is narrow and in addition to the right choice of words, a promotion can itself cause more than just criticism, for example, if the advertising statement is based on false facts (e.g. "Product only available for a short time."). Since there are special regulations to be observed for each product in addition to the UWG, it should be noted that good (legal) advice is not expensive, but valuable for success on the market.

Success in the market brings growth and hopefully your start-up will grow quickly. You may not be able to keep up with large companies in terms of payment at the beginning, but there is - as our cooperation partner Daniel Donhauser from LawUp explained - the attractive option of employee participation, which can offer an advantage for both parties (e.g. with the "Employee Pool" form). It should also be noted that as the number of employees increases, the rights of employees and obligations of the employer increases as well (for example, with 15 employees you might face claims for reduction of working hours and with 10 employees you need a data protection office).

You can find the presentations (in German) here. Our speakers will be happy to answer any questions or to provide further information.

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