Building an ESG framework for sustainable success

ESG: The investor perspective

4 minute read
12 September 2023

Environmental, social and governance issues have risen in importance and investors have now adopted ESG into the investment process. This comes as no surprise since ESG funds have grown into a multi-trillion-dollar industry.

Along with customers, employees and shareholders, ESG is under particular scrutiny from investors who are looking to companies for a clear picture of their ESG strategy and activities. Identifying and disclosing material ESG issues is now an essential aspect of corporate reporting – providing key data for investors to assess the green credentials of businesses they are, or are considering, investing in.

Our guide, 'ESG: The investor perspective', produced in collaboration with Alex Popplewell, formerly of BlackRock, and Scott Evans, of London Business School, aims to provide practical insights for businesses, helping to evolve their ESG strategies and take the right approach for tomorrow's world.

Designed to help inform your company's approach to ESG, it focuses on four key areas:

  • Why do your ESG credentials matter to investors? – We consider how the ESG revolution has affected the corporate world, the major ESG factors driving investor activity and what this means for your business.
  • What investors are looking for when it comes to ESG? – The evolution of ESG, how it has shaped the investor mindset and guidance on best practice to help inform your companies' ESG policy.
  • A meaningful approach to disclosure – How to develop a meaningful approach to disclosure and, more importantly, what information and data to collect to give investors what they're looking for.
  • ESG in the future - what will be important to investors? – The likely course of ESG developments, key themes and recommendations for long-term corporate sustainability; including our 10-point sustainability plan.

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