Rethinking smart futures

Focusing on people, enabled by transport, powered by technology

60 minute read
12 March 2019

The core purpose for any progressive city is to have a thriving population with an increasing quality of life for all. Which means that ultimately, the vision for a smart future is to have people at the heart of the city.

Smart cities will need to address societal issues in areas like health and education, promote inclusion, and embrace digital innovation so they become places people want to live and work.

Our white paper, 'Rethinking smart futures' puts forward an agenda for action to address these issues, examining how cities can operate to be successful in the long run and benefit generations now and in the future. By focusing on people, revamping transport into the modern day, and utilising the power of data and technology, the vision of a smart future can be turned into reality.

In collaboration with London Transport Museum, Thales UK, and PwC, our white paper brings together discussions from five roundtable events with leading thinkers and decision makers as they debate challenges and opportunities facing cities, transport and infrastructure.

'Rethinking smart futures' will aim to help governments, city and regional authorities, and private sector providers understand what the starting point of creating the smart future is. The white paper explores the deliverables required and how to navigate through the challenges and roadblocks of creating smart futures.

Download the white paper to find out more about:

  • Considering people: The vision for a smart future
  • Challenges to realising the vision
  • Removing the roadblocks

Rethinking Smart Futures: Focused on people, enabled by transport, powered by technology

Considering the like of autonomous vehicles, cyber security and new financing methods, Rethinking Smart Futures: Focused on people, enabled by transport, powered by technology brings together the thoughts of more than 60 decision makers from across the transport industry to consider the challenges and opportunities faced by cities, transport and infrastructure.

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