Is it worth it? Josh Hanet considers the value of participating in class-action lawsuits in Canadian Press

09 April 2024

Last week, Josh Hanet, a commercial litigator in Gowling WLG’s Toronto office, commented in the Canadian Press about the value of participating in class-action lawsuits for consumers. Although individual payouts from such lawsuits might not be substantial, they can sometimes provide extra cash to participants.

“Everybody will feel differently about it. Some people may view (it as) only $5, 'But it's $5 that I deserve back.' Other people will say, 'Five dollars is just not worth the time and effort of filling out all these forms and going through this whole process,” said Josh.

Click the link below to read the full article, which was syndicated in CTV, the Toronto Star and CityNews among numerous other outlets across the country:

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