How does the UK PPA market need to innovate?

66 minutes de lecture
27 avril 2022


In this podcast, we join leading global infrastructure and renewables market analysts Inspiratia to discuss innovation in the UK power purchase agreement (PPA) market, and whether the prices we see today are transitionary and if so, how PPAs can make such prices sustainable and meet the ever-changing needs of both offtakers and sellers.

The podcast was moderated by Omolola Coker, head of research and insight at Inspiratia. She was joined for the discussion by:

James Stanier, a specialist energy lawyer at international law firm Gowling WLG, who has worked in the sector for over a decade. James advises market-leading offtakers, major utilities, lenders, energy traders, suppliers, network owners, operators, and developers. James has a particular specialism in PPAs and has drafted and negotiated PPAs for a significant proportion of GB's largest renewable projects (including for example for the Seagreen, Dudgeon and Crystal Rig wind farms). James increasingly advises on corporate PPAs and projects proceeding without subsidy support.

Chris Bowden is the managing director and founder of Squeaky, the leading marketplace for clean energy. Squeaky enables corporate and public sector organisations to buy 100% clean electricity directly from wind, solar and hydro generators in an efficient, cost-effective way using a unique combination of expertise, software and contracts.

Adam Clarke is managing director at The Energy Consortium, a non-for-profit organisation delivering energy procurement, data reporting, risk management and cost reduction services to its members, who are primarily in the education sector.

Tim Foster is head of energy services at Conrad Energy, a full-service Independent Power Producer. Tim is responsible for developing the business' power purchase agreement offering to generators and rolling out the company's energy supply products to businesses across the UK.

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