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The world seems to change every day and when it comes to protecting your brands, innovations and trade secrets you want to be sure you have all the relevant information to hand to maximise your assets to their full potential. Our multijurisdictional Intellectual Property (IP) team regularly explores the hot topics for many in-house counsel and business leaders. See below a selection of trending topics for the protection of your intangible assets.

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The metaverse and IP protection online

With the potential of the Metaverse yet to be fully realised, there is a lot for brand owners to consider as businesses begin to explore what is possible both now and in the future. Make sure you're one step ahead with our metaverse insights and resources.

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Trade secrets

Trade secrets can be tempting for their apparent efficiency and simplicity, but the protection they offer can bring additional risks. Trade secret protection requires a full-lifecycle strategy in order to be successful, take a look at our latest trade secrets resources for insights that can support you at every stage.

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The Unified Patent Court (UPC)

The arrival of the Unitary Patent and the Unified Patent Court is the biggest change in European Patent law and practice for nearly 50 years. Everyone who deals with patents in the European market, whether by way of enforcement, licensing or assessing the risk of potential infringements, needs to understand how the UPC system will work. We have a comprehensive range of resources available to help you navigate the UPC including our interactive map and UPC Resource Hub.

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IP in China

IP takes a leap forward across Asia - from Singapore's IP Strategy 2030 to updates to trademark law in China.

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Sustainability is very much on every corporate agenda. However, caution should be exercised when including green claims in advertising. The devils lies in the details. Read our latest multi-jurisdictional article which provides you with an overview on the risks of misleading environmental marketing in Canada, China, France, Singapore and the UK. 

When it comes to sustainability, Generation Z have a powerful influence on ESG issues at a global level, with high expectations from businesses to take more action. Download our new report, 'Tomorrow's World', which explores how organisations can work alongside Gen Z to create authentic and meaningful ESG strategies. 

Listen to our recent podcast and find out 'How designers approach sustainability'.

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