Market Masterclass: Single Family Rental - What is single family rental?

5 minute read
22 November 2023


Single family rental (SFR) is an emerging market within the housebuilding industry, attracting substantial and sustained investment.

We've put together a series of short videos to guide you through this promising landscape, providing essential insights for each stage of a successful SFR portfolio. The series covers planning, land acquisition, construction, tax considerations, estate management and site set-up.

In our first video, co-head of living Dan Leather, delves into what sets SFR apart from other real estate investment classes and the crucial legal factors to consider.

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Watch more from the series

  • Planning: Discover the strategic planning behind successful SFR properties.
  • Land: Learn about the intricacies of land acquisition and its role in SFR.
  • Construction: Understand the legal construction process from the ground up.
  • Tax: Navigate the complex taxation landscape in this market and stay informed about future changes.
  • Estate management and site set-up: Grasp the nuances of managing a SFR property and setting up a site.

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