IT programming to IP problem solving: In conversation with Scott Roberts

62 minutes de lecture
27 avril 2021

From early childhood computer programmer dreams and school days spent software developing, to formulating the origins of Javascript with IBM, and driving patent law at the forefront of British industry with BT.

In the latest podcast in our 'In Conversation with Gowling WLG' series, global IP partner Gordon Harris speaks with Scott Roberts, President of the IP Federation and Principal Patent Attorney at British Telecom.

In this episode, we explore rapid technology acceleration and its influence on the IP world, and find out how intellectual property is managing to stay ahead of the curve and navigate this ever-evolving landscape. We also discuss:

  • balancing a hybrid role as in-house counsel whilst working on IP policy issues as President of the IP Federation;
  • programming influences in IP problem solving, and how a grounding in technology can help in understanding inventions;
  • the pace of change, and resulting struggles and opportunities for IP professionals in the current market and beyond;
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) in the armoury of the inventor, it's advantages and limitations, and what this means for the IP development landscape;
  • COVID-19 and Brexit impacts and the role the IP sector plays when facing a crisis;
  • the balance between tangible and intangible investment in tech across new sectors and how IP must remain relevant and adaptable;
  • improving diversity and social mobility in the sector and enacting change to support the next generation of professionals; and
  • much more.

Our 'In Conversation' series delves into the world of intellectual property, speaking with leading figures in industry. Throughout the series, we build a picture of how the IP world works, gathering insight into the latest trends and developments.

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Register for updates from our intellectual property team to receive the series direct to your inbox, as well as the latest market insights from Gowling WLG's leading IP professionals.

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