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Whether you're a major multinational, a not-for-profit organisation or a small company, managing people can be difficult. We understand that you not only want to be an employer who knows how to comply with a multitude of rules and regulations - you also want to be an employer who attracts top talent and motivates people to exceed their potential and drive your business forward.

At Gowling WLG, we know that you don't want to be told why you can't do something. You want to know how to get to where you want to be with an acceptable level of risk for your organisation. We bring that knowledge and our creativity to the employment service we provide, giving you advice that is timely, focused and practical. We won't sit on the fence, but will give you our clear view of the options and our recommended way to achieve your objectives.

Managing professionals is different from managing sales people or production workers. Our experience and industry knowledge allows us to tailor our advice to your workforce. From complex Court and Tribunal litigation to challenging change management, restructuring and business protection, our broad, proactive approach allows us to work alongside you as trusted advisers to minimise risks and maximise opportunities in your workforce. We work to build strong and lasting relationships with you, and are able to use our shared corporate knowledge of your organisation to deliver real value for money.

We also have a global view. Our international client base provides us with the experience and expertise to understand human resources law in many jurisdictions. We've developed the ability to compare, contrast and explain the differences in local laws in a way that allows our clients to apply their expertise in our local context.

Our services include strategic advice, hands-on support and in-depth training on:

  • Alternate work arrangements
  • Development and implementation of workplace policies
  • Dispute resolution (litigation, mediation and arbitration)
  • Disability accommodation and adjustments
  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • Employment contracts/agreements
  • Equal pay
  • Executive compensation
  • Health and safety
  • Human rights and equalities issues
  • Independent contractor agreements and employment status issues
  • Managing absenteeism
  • Managing acquired and successor rights in reorganisations/outsourcing/M&A
  • Managing whistle-blowing in the workplace
  • Performance management
  • Pre-terminations
  • Privacy and data protection
  • Recruitment and hiring protocols
  • Restrictive covenants and business protection
  • Unfair and wrongful dismissal (England & Wales unfair and wrongful dismissal claims - pricing models)
  • Union organisation, certification, organising and industrial action disputes
  • Workplace tort claims
  • Workplace investigations

We genuinely care about the health and well-being of your business. We know workplace issues don't always arise between the hours of 9 and 5: they often can't wait until tomorrow, and need urgent attention and decisive action. We work at your pace to ensure you receive the support you need to thrive.

To talk to the people who can help your people achieve more, please contact any member of our team.